Reach Out!

We pray for so many things,
Some need strength to stand.
Others need grace to pray.
Some need love in their hearts.
Others need grace to level up

I’ve gotten to that point
Where I feel bad praying for some things,
Because the Holy Spirit keeps on reminding me,
That these prayers have been answered,
I’ve just refused to receive them.

When I ask for strength to stand,
He strengthens me,
But I refuse to yield.
I refuse to stand.
All power has been made available to me,
Yet, I’ve refused this power.

How many people are in this boat?
If we’ll only open our eyes to see Our boats, hopelessly sinking and failing.
But sadly, we’ve acclimatized ourselves to the raging storms.

We’ve cried out for help and He has heard us,
We just need to stretch out our hands,
And He’ll hold us.
But sadly, we’ve refused to let go of our storms.
We’ve let go of the anchor of our souls.

Yet, day and night,
We cry and cry,
Oh! If we would just stretch our hands out to Him,
Even in the thick fog of darkness,
We’ll find him, right there, in the midst of it all,
Quickly rescuing us from our self-made storms.

The Lord waits and waits,
Patiently, He waits all day,
For us to reach out to Him.
But tired and weary,
We build ourselves tiny boats of depression and business- busyness

Grieved, the Holy Spirit is unable to help us,
Lord, I give this boat up.
I need you and I know that you hear me.
I’ll trust in You.
I’ll reach out to You.

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